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"The effect (Sorcer) is dramatic. It takes a flat plain and makes it more expansive. Things tend to sound more separate and individual with the edges' trails not blurred. Things seem wider left to right but not in an odd way. Deeper from front to back. It can be a bit overwhelming, it takes a renewed approach to mix with it, because that is what you get more of. Thank you!" 

-- Bernie Becker, Mastering engineer, Becker Mastering

"The  Sorcer brought a new level of focus in the imaging and warmth to my system. Moving it to different outlets in my studio allowed my to optimize its performance. I have yet to find a piece of gear that doesn't benefit from the effects of the Sorcer. Best, Gerhard."  -- Gerhard Westphalen, Mastering Engineer, Westphalen Mastering

"Installed the second unit. Improved sound just like you said (cumulative). Sound is more real  -  more natural. It sounds effortless and less distorted. More detail.  Lyrics are easier to understand (intelligibility). Sound stage is bigger. Thanks for inventing this stuff." -- Chris S., Audiophile

"My congratulations on your Wizard conditioner. It is one of the very few true neutral conditioners on the market, and the reviews about it are very accurate proven by my ears. I din't buy it because of the reviews but because I got one of your original Electraclear...for the last 20 years and it is still working accurately." -- Edilberto Mir,  Audiophile

"In a nutshell, the Sorcer x4 conditioner transported me from an already wonderful, engaged and connected musical experience to one best described as an ear-opening mesmerizing musical experience.

The overall result is one of realism, naturalness, aliveness, sweetness, fullness, beauty, emotion, and connectedness. All to a greater degree than prior to the Sorcer AND much more significant when considered as a whole." -- David, Audiophile